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his is the real good wine

When I was inHohhot City suburb eight worship commune III battalion after jump ,run and Beth is a celebrity .Run the colt is famous because he was a few days on the school ,in the village of older people is a culture ,in particular he have a glib ,write a good hand ,abacus was called a vast .
I jump the queue that Rolex replicarun colt has been more than 50 years old ,is wedding gowns our battalion irrigation works accountant .The first time I see run colt Christian louboutin replica is in battalion of the Department of .That was my first came to the countryside of battalion of the very next day to find people ,he saw a man standing on the bed frame by waving the brush in writing advertising slogan, irrigation works is the lifeblood of agriculture , emulating Da-Zhai battle with heaven and earth and so on .
I curious stands behind him ,he wrote are traditional characters ,and writes a well organized ,a look is the temporary att Replica Rolexaching .I see God ,he suddenly turned to a seriously asked me : how is this word ? I quic Christian louboutin replicakly said : .
He listened to burst out laughing ,he suddenly smile vanished ,asked: new educated youth ? I nodded ,he is very mysterious and said: my name is Wu ,and Wu ,my name is Wu Runju ,you told me to run and Peter .
Nineteen seventies at the beginning ,our brigade in the East Cliff under soil river ,constructed when the commune the biggest water conservancy project section underground .Run the colt is the water site full-time accountant and dispatched workers .
That day ,I was squad sent to cut Cheap wedding dresses underground worker ,I just to the site ,run the colt spotted me, affectionately came patted me on the shoulder ,asked Replica watches : good Replica Christian louboutin? I laughed ,he suddenly asked me : remember that time in the brigade saw you, you said you are a high school student ? I nodded ,and his face Replica rolex watches grew solemn run up ,said : since it is a high school s rolex imitation watchestudent, there is a certain level .
I said : in front of you can not say level . Run the colt raised his voice: m going to test you on the high school students ! When the people gathered together . Listen up everybody ,today I Replica watcheswant to give this epigenetic a crossword puzzle ,if he answer ,he will not work ,I give him a receipt .
I had to bite the bullet and said : just try it . Run the colt staring at me and said: I let you make a word : the point Zhou Yu light ,three battle of Lv Bu close ,export scold Cao Cao traitors ,ten years and the vast ,sleep waking from a dream ,Sichuan king Liu Bei ,current to kill Lv Bu ,the eight hundred thousand army to cross the river .
I bent down and picked up a small stone on the ground drill .Th Cheap Christian louboutine person next to run all sorts Uggof gossip ,and primary expression a contemptuous disregard ,often lower his head to look at me say oh !Even while also not touch .
Occurred to me ,as I a few pen can write this word out, run in the side and he said : not a shot in the dark ,I tell you ,this word is read read . I said : I sent brushstroke was written .
Ru Ugg boots on salen Ju Bo said with a smile: epigenetic ,a pen is much wrong . Run and Peter played this character is read characters to read ,it is with every word of the first component of the word ,but the content of fine scrutiny far-fetched ,some still says no ,but he later explained to me is it funny and fluent .
After that I run and colt is familiar, once he was also caught difference .One afternoon off ,just as a car transporting cement c Replica watchesar ,run and Peter stopped me and said: the children with the cement down moved into the warehous christian louboutin discount shoese ,give you more than three division ,it is cheap to make good epigenetic accounted for .
I and three other epigenetic together cement .After more than two hours ,we put the cement discharge finished, are moved into the warehouse ,but he does not mention the processing of things .
This matter is over soon, one day I came to the water site ,run by Colt tweeter shouted to me to come to the office ,I came to the office ,and run with laughter and said: you a good job .
.. ... I hurriedly interrupted him : not to move the cement ? Run and peter put on angry : look at this epigenetic ,you say that this is the very words ,run the colt can let you eat to have a deficit ? Then ,he smiled and said to me : I use this bucket to the commune ,playing 20 catties of bulk liqu Cheap Uggor ,wine is played back to you one day .
I know in my heart ,this job is on that day a compensate for unloading cement .Section of underground water site the most difficult a job is well .The groundwater is very cool ,I who need a drink to warm up .
I rode straight to the commune winery ,wine is made ,how to bring back the wine has become a problem .Wine in a tin bucket hanging on the handlebars to and fro spilled Replica breitling a lo wedding dresses 2012t, and I put the drums in a Rolex replica bike rack ,but the road is bumpy and on the car a lot, so I kept changing method ,finally returned to the water conservancy construction .
Entering the office ,run the colt him ,but he saw the cask frowned asked: 20 jins of wine ? I explained ,he said : you are so stupid ! I hastened to ask : you see things so, do how ? Run the colt have a well-thought-out plan said: is not good ? Then, he scooped two gourd of water from the water poured into the barrel ,said : this is the real good wine .
He said ,the two of us laughed .It is the first one morning I went to the water conservancy construction .See ,I run the colt was surprised ,but he was covered in soil ,and pale ,I hastened to ask him ,and he did not run normally have a ready tongue , alas .

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